Elope to Sunset Cliffs

All of the Sunset Cliffs shoreline parks (Osprey Point, Pappy’s Point and Luscomb’s Point) require an event permit ($190) to have an elopement ceremony, even for just the two of you!  This permit MUST BE OBTAINED prior to booking elopement services. San Diego City Parks Department information: Phone: 619.235.1122 / WEBSITE 

(Tip: This costly permits is not needed for our Elope to Coronado & Elope to Oceanside services)

Once you have your permit, your simple to plan Elope to Sunset Cliffs™ special starts! This is the perfect alternative to going to the local courthouse or that cheezy Vegas Wedding Chapel, especially at sunset! Plus, our services are without a lot of the restrictions made by the other elopement services you’ll find when trying to book a quick and easy Elope to Sunset Cliffs™ celebration.

Our Elope to Sunset Cliffs™ service includes:

  • Your personal and romantic elopement ceremony performed by an Award winning wedding Chaplain (Christian, Spiritual or Civil Type).
  • No Additional fees for additional guests… Your children, family and friends are encouraged to attend (up to 17) at no additional charge AND, you are NOT required to buy any additional high priced photography services if you do.
  • No additional charge for adding acts of celebration like adding the Sand Ceremony or Lei Ceremony as long as you bring your items!
  • Elopement Photography is available upon request and offered at a reduced Elope to San Diego™ rate by Professional San Diego Wedding Photographers. (Not an amateur family member with a camera)
  • Military Discount? How about FREE! Visit Military Mondays


Beware of wedding or elopement services making unsubstantiated claims. ANYONE can say they’ve been performing weddings in San Diego for generations, or create their own emblem proclaiming they are the BEST, the BIGGEST, the OLDEST or MOST TRUSTED. Those claims don’t mean a thing without an objective, 3rd party accreditation or governance to back them up! As a member of the Better Business Bureau, we are monitored and must meet strict guidelines when using the words “The Best” or “Most Trusted” without having proof to protect consumers.