The Ceremony

Your San Diego Elopement ceremony will be presented by an Award-Winning San Diego wedding officiant!

Serving as Chaplains, they have the ability to offer couples a ceremony that reflects who they are, not who we think they are. Best news is; with no personal judgement or religious agenda.

Simple without any of the hassles of a wedding… It’s just what the word “Elope” implies! Just the two of you running off to Elope San Diego style to get married, feet in the sand in front of the Chaplain. Much better than waiting in a long line at the courthouse or a smoke filled Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Plus, you can’t beat the view with your feet in the Coronado Sand!

“As Wedding Chaplains we have the ability to offer our couples a ceremony that reflects who they are, not who we think they are. No personal judgement or religious agenda…. If you’re not religious… Don’t have religious ceremony! If you’re Christians… have a ceremony that reflects the faith! It’s what Chaplains do!”

In addition to a Romantic, Fun and Lighthearted celebration, you have your choice of the type of ceremony that is presented to you:

~ Civil Type Ceremony – A warm and romantic ceremony focused on the love of the two of you and a romantic reading or two to set the proper mood.

~ Spiritual Ceremony – A more traditional ceremony focused on God’s love that includes a marriage prayer and ring blessing.

~ Non-Denominational Ceremony – A Christ centered ceremony with a marriage prayer, ring blessing and light scripture if desired.

Plus, our couples are invited to speak openly to each other following traditional vows to make their ceremony more personal and complete. If you’re bringing along the items needed for the Sand Ceremony or Lei Ceremony, Not a problem and no additional charge (like the others).