Frequently Asked Questions

<strong>Please Note the following for the Sunset Cliffs Location</strong>
A permit is required at all Sunset Cliffs locations and must be obtained by the city of San Diego parks dept. once available date is confirmed and prior to make nonrefundable retainer.
This is a public park and not a private ceremony venue.
Beach/sand/park can not be reserved ahead of time. Your permit allows for gathering only.
Amount of Guests: Although park permit allows for more. Elope to Sunset Cliffs limits to 7 Guests
Access to the parks at these locations are NOT handicapped accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many elopement services to chose from, why Elope to Sunset Cliffs? Beware of wedding or elopement services making unsubstantiated claims. ANYONE can say they’ve been performing weddings in San Diego for generations. Some create their own emblems proclaiming they are the BEST, the BIGGEST, the OLDEST or MOST TRUSTED. Those claims don’t mean a thing without an objective, 3rd party accreditation or governance to back them up or actually issued these honors to them!  Do your homework; check reviews on Wedding Wire, Yelp and others before you decide who to trust with your most important day! Check our ratings with Yelp and then, compare our ratings and reviews with the other services.

Can you give any advice that will help? Our best piece of advice is this; This is an elopement! Throw away any of the formalities of a wedding. There is nothing to plan other than transportation, lodging if needed and most importantly, obtaining your marriage license. There is no processional, recessional, bridal escort, giving away or ceremony music. Really, it’s that easy. Remember, an elopement is running away with your beloved to make it easy and you can make it and it should be, stress-free. Plus, after a repeat-after-me set of vows based on the type of ceremony you will be given the opportunity to speak openly if desired.

Do you offer a Military Discount? Yes, we offer Military discounts everyday!

Can we have chairs and an altar? No, that would not be an elopement, this would then simply become a small wedding and everything changes in style, presentation, etc.. We still offer full wedding service however, not through Elope to San Diego and none of the vendors offer elopement specials. Full service Weddings, large or small, can be booked through our website at Vows From The Heart.

Can we play music from a smartphone, bluetooth speaker or the like? No, as this is an elopement and there is no processional or recessional to walk in or out from and more importantly, it’s very difficult to to talk with wind, waves and people; adding music would only make this worse.

Do I have to get my license in California? Yes! Do not bring a license from another State, it is not valid in California. You may obtain a Marriage License from any County in the State and bring it with you. Your license is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

May I have my family and friends at the elopement? Although park permit allows for more. Elope to Sunset Cliffs limits to 7 Guests

One of the other elopement services charges more for more than 4 guests, do you? No and we have the same question you do regarding this practice by the others, why?

One of the other elopement services makes you upgrade to a $1000+ package if there are more than 4 guests, do you? No and just like the question above, we have the same question you do regarding this practice by the others….. why?

Do I get to choose the location? Our elopement ceremonies are performed at the park location issued to you by the City.

Do we meet prior? This is an elopement, there are no meetings, interviews, ceremony reviews, etc.  We’re the simplicity of a courthouse ceremony but with a much prettier view!

Are you available for a rehearsal? This is an elopement and there is no rehearsal as there is nothing to rehearse.

Can we review or write our own ceremony? No, and this would not be an elopement. Remember, the concept of Elope to San Diego is to make your elopement special at a beautiful location rather than the courthouse. Although we do offer our couples the opportunity to speak their own vows during the ceremony if desired, and also include one of the two acts of celebration listed and offered, there is no written ceremony to review or edit.

Do you work with coordinators? As this is an elopement there would be no need to hire or work with a coordinator. If so, you would just be having a small wedding. If you have one already, that’s okay however, they would not be needed at the ceremony site for any reason and would be better served for your plans before or after. We do not work with coordinators nor do we book third party for elopements simply because there is nothing to coordinate with the ceremony!

In addition… We only work with couples directly and do not allow wedding services to have an additional fee added to ours and do not participate in any “package” deals or offers with coordinators.  Remember, we are here to serve and save you money!

Do I have to use your vendors for photography, etc? Not at all however, we do highly recommend you at least look at the services the Elope to San Diego photographers offer if you are in need. They have all agreed to offer their services at a major discount to Elope to San Diego couples. Also, If you are using a photographer NOT associated with Elope to San Diego, there are some restrictions and they should know these before you hire them.

What if I have to cancel the date and time? The retainer is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date, time or location, even during the pandemic. (You will have to agree to this numerous times during the booking process so there is never a misunderstanding of the terms; non-refundable and non-transferable.

What if it rains? The ceremony must go on! We provide a large three person umbrella in case of showers or rain. Remember, it’s good luck if it rains on your special day! If you secure another location in the same area, simply let us know and we will try and do our best to accommodate your new request of arrangements.

Can you get the permit for us?  We do not obtain permits/permissions for you. The process is easy and all done online with the parks dept. including the application and payment. 

Can we include our children? Yes, of course and it brings such a wonderful element to your ceremony. Reading and acts of celebration can be added, at NO additional charge to help them share in the magic of your day!